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  • Description
  • Helps the body recover following physical exercises
  • Aids muscle mass gain
  • Contains easily absorbed protein from snail meat
  • High content of glutamine and branched chain amino acids

CANTAREUS Amino contains enzyme-hydrolysed protein from the meat of Helix aspersa snails, which is particularly rich in glutamine and branched-chain amino acids (valine, leucine and isoleucine) that are all relevant to anabolism. The hydrolysis method allows also for the preservation of the amino acids cystine and tryptophan. Unlike artificially selected amino acid blends, the protein hydrolysate has additional health-benefits as it contains certain oligopeptides and other nutrients. The capsules are quickly and easily absorbed by the body thanks to the high hydrolysis rate of DH>40%.

  • The Magical Snail

    The Magical Snail

    The Magic Snail Human beings have used snails for food for thousands of years, and today snails continue to be
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  • About Cantareus R

    About Cantareus R

    Cantareus R Ltd. - the manufacturer of Cincinion and Cantareus products Kantareus ER Ltd. is an innovative company in the field
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  • Ingredients


    Main ingredients of CINCINION and Cantareus products CAVIAR (lyophilized snail eggs) The product is a weakly colored powder obtained from
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