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  • Description
  • Normalizes the function of the digestive and excretory systems
  • In cases of colitis, gastritis, reflux and ulcers
  • Benefits the immune system
  • Contains snail mucus and caviar

CANTAREUS Gastro is a natural product, derived from the mucus and caviar of Helix aspersa snails, that has a variety of positive physiological effects, but is particularly suitable in cases of gastrointestinal problems as a result of the synergistic interactions between the highly active ingredients, found in the snail concentrate.

In particular, the slime of the garden snail is rich in essential amino acids, allantoin, glycolic acid, antimicrobial agents and glycoproteins, whereas the caviar has a high content of protein-bound mineral ions, including calcium, magnesium and copper ions, lipids, of which there is a large amount of polyunsaturated (omega-6 and omega-9) and branched chain fatty acids, essential amino acids, and agents that suppress apoptosis, i.e. programmed natural cell death. Studies have shown that the simultaneous intake of both substances normalizes the gastric mucosa and keeps it well-hydrated.

CANTAREUS Gastro has a particularly beneficial effect on certain physiological conditions that are characterized by an increased stomach acidity. In addition, the snail mucus and caviar support the optimal microbial environment in the body.

  • About Cantareus R

    About Cantareus R

    Kantareus ER Ltd. is a leading innovative company in the research and application of products from the garden snail Helix Aspersa
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  • Ingredients


    High quality and 100% natural CAVIAR, SLIME, PROTEIN and AMINO ACIDS from the garden snail Helis Aspersa
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  • The Magical Snail

    The Magical Snail

    Human beings have used snails for food for thousands of years, and today snails continue to be a delicacy.
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The Company

Cantareus ER Ltd. is a leading innovative company in the research, production and application of products from the garden snail Helix Aspersa in food supplements and cosmetics.

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