CANTAREUS Revival Treatment
—  massage cream /50 ml/  —

  • Description
  • Has a beneficial effect on joint disorders
  • Restores the vitality of the skin
  • Ideal for partial or full-body relaxing massage
  • With snail mucus and caviar

CANTAREUS Revival Treatment is a massage cream that has a beneficial effect on the overall skin and body condition thanks to the synergistic action of the active components found in the snail concentrate. The caviar and slime of the garden snail are rich in natural allantoin, collagen, elastin, various lipids, glycoproteins, free amino acids and other organic substances that help maintain the normal functionality of the epithelial and connective tissue and act favorably on joint disorders. In addition, the massage cream contains panthenol and plant-based oils that soften the skin and restore its vitality.

  • The Magical Snail

    The Magical Snail

    The Magic Snail Human beings have used snails for food for thousands of years, and today snails continue to be
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  • About Cantareus R

    About Cantareus R

    Cantareus R Ltd. - the manufacturer of Cincinion and Cantareus products Kantareus ER Ltd. is an innovative company in the field
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  • Ingredients


    Main ingredients of CINCINION and Cantareus products CAVIAR (lyophilized snail eggs) The product is a weakly colored powder obtained from
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