CINCINION Crystal Roller
—  facial massage roller  —

25,00 BGN
  • Description
  • Reduces puffiness, tightens pores, restores skin elasticity
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Eliminates toxins through lymphatic drainage
  • Enhances the appearance of the facial structure
  • Increases absorption of skin care products

CINCINION Crystal Roller is a facial massage tool that helps improve blood circulation, thereby restoring the tone and firmness of the skin. Thanks to the natural cooling properties of the rose quartz stone, your skin will feel calm, any puffiness or redness of the face will diminish, and pore size will shrink. Massaging your face with a crystal roller increases the absorption of skin care products and has an additional detoxifying effect as it helps drain congested and swollen lymph nodes. Overall your skin will look tighter, your facial muscles will be toned, and you will achieve a healthier and refreshed look.

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